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Winterhalter expands innovative finance offer to help hospitality businesses recover

There’s no denying that dishwashers and glass washers can be a big investment, and in uncertain times one that some may not be willing to make. Winterhalter’s Pay Per Wash (PPW) initiative allows companies to harness the benefits a quality warewasher without any upfront cost.  It could well be the ideal financial solution for many hospitality businesses as they rebuild after lockdown. 

Now Winterhalter has expanded the offer to make it even more flexible.  It means that should a company try Pay Per Wash and then decide they want to buy the machine outright, Winterhalter will give them an allowance for the PPW payments they have already made.  Conversely, if they find the system doesn’t work for them, Winterhalter will take the machine away, no questions asked.  The PPW scheme also allows for upgrades – so if business goes up, the operator can switch to a bigger Winterhalter machine.  

Pay Per Wash works by using Winterhalter’s Connected Wash technology, which links machines to the internet.  The operator selects their required number of wash cycles and prepays using a credit card and an online portal.  The portal generates a wash code which the operator enters directly into the dishwasher or glass washer.  They can start washing straight away.  As well as getting the machine itself, PPW covers the cost of all chemicals and consumables required, as well as a comprehensive service package and full after sales support. 

Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter, says, “Pay Per Wash is a no-risk, no upfront investment option.  That means it could be a huge ‘post-lockdown’ bonus for any foodservice operator needing a new dishwasher or glass washer but working on a tight budget.  A key benefit is that, if you’re not actually using the machine, it doesn’t cost you a penny.  You only pay when you wash.  Our latest PPW offer means that, if business grows and you find it would work out cheaper to buy the machine outright, it’s easy to do so – and you’ll get a bigger discount off the list price.” 

The cost of Pay Per Wash varies depending on the size and version of the machine, along with its anticipated usage. For example, a large passthrough machine doing thirty washes a day would be around 39p every cycle.

There’s an article about Pay Per Wash and post-lockdown warewashing needs in the news section of the Winterhalter UK website

To find out more about Pay Per Wash, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, visit or email [email protected].